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Details for command skilleffect:
* skilleffect <skill id>,<number>;
This command will display the visual and sound effects of a specified skill (see
'db/skill_db.txt' for a full list of skills) on the invoking character's sprite.
Nothing but the special effects and animation will happen. If the skill's normal
effect displays a floating number, the number given will float up.

// This will heal the character with 2000 hp, buff with
// Bless 10 and Increase AGI 5, and display appropriate
// effects.
mes "Blessed be!";
skilleffect 28,2000;
heal 2000,0;
skilleffect 34,0;
// That's bless 10.
sc_start 10,240000,10;
skilleffect 29,0;
// That's agi 5
sc_start 12,140000,5;

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