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Details for command readparam:
* readparam <number>;
This function will return the basic stats of an invoking character, referred to
by the parameter number. Instead of a number, you can use a parameter name if it
is defined in "db/const.txt".

For reference, in there these things are defined:

StatusPoint, BaseLevel, SkillPoint, Class, Upper, Zeny, Sex, Weight, MaxWeight,
JobLevel, BaseExp, JobExp, NextBaseExp, NextJobExp, Hp, MaxHp, Sp, MaxSp,
BaseJob, Karma, Manner, bVit, bDex, bAgi, bStr, bInt, bLuk

All of these also behave as variables, but don't expect to be able to just 'set'
all of them - some will not work for various internal reasons.

// This would return how many status points you haven't spent yet

Using this particular information as a function call is not required. Just


will give you the same result, and some of these parameters work just like
variables (i.e. you can 'set Zeny,100' to make the character have 100 zeny,
destroying whatever zeny they had before, or 'set Zeny,Zeny+100' to give them
100 zeny)

You can also use this command to get stat values:

if(readparam(bVit)<=77) goto L_End;
mes "Only people with over 77 Vit are reading this";

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