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Details for command getwaitingroomstate:
* getwaitingroomstate <info type>{,"NPC Name"};
This function will return information about the wating room state for the
attached waiting room or for a waiting room attached to the specified NPC if

The valid information types are:

0 - Number of users currently chatting.
1 - Maximum number of users allowed.
2 - Will return 1 if the waiting room has a trigger set.
0 otherwise.
3 - Will return 1 if the waiting room is currently disabled.
0 otherwise.
4 - The Title of the waiting room (string)
5 - Password of the waiting room, if any. Pointless, since there is no way to
set a password on a waiting room right now.
16 - Event name of the waiting room (string)
32 - Whether or not the waiting room is full.
33 - Whether the amount of users in the waiting room is higher than the trigger

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