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Details for command getnameditem:
* getnameditem <item id>,"Name to inscribe";
* getnameditem "Item name","Name to inscribe";
* getnameditem "Item name",<Character ID>;
* getnameditem <item id>,<Character ID>;
This function is equivalent to using 'getitem', however, it will not just give
the character an item object, but will also inscribe it with a specified
character's name. You may not inscribe items with arbitrary strings, only with
names of characters that actually exist. While this isn't said anywhere
specifically, apparently, named items may not have cards in them, slots or not
these data slots are taken by the character ID who's name is inscribed. Only one
remains free and it's not quite clear if a card may be there.

This is the same as using the hard(ly) explained way with getitem2.

The command returns 1 when the item is created succesfully, or 0 when failed.
Failure occurs when there is:
- no player attached
- Item name or ID is not valid
- The given character ID/name is offline.


//This will give the currently attached player a Aaron's Apple (if Aaron is online).
getnameditem "Apple","Aaron";

//Self-explanatory (I hope).
if (getnameitem("Apple,"Aaron")) {
mes "You now have a Aaron's Apple!";

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