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Details for command getinventorylist:
* getinventorylist;
This command sets a bunch of arrays with a complete list of whatever the
invoking character has in their inventory, including all the data needed to
recreate these items perfectly if they are destroyed. Here's what you get:

@inventorylist_id[] - array of item ids.
@inventorylist_amount[] - their corresponding item amounts.
@inventorylist_equip[] - whether the item is equipped or not.
@inventorylist_refine[] - for how much it is refined.
@inventorylist_identify[] - whether it's refined.
@inventorylist_attribute[] - whether it is broken.
@inventorylist_card1[] - These four arrays contain card data for the items.
@inventorylist_card2[] These data slots are also used to store names
@inventorylist_card3[] inscribed on the items, so you can explicitly check
@inventorylist_card4[] if the character owns an item made by a specific
@inventorylist_count - the number of items in these lists.

This could be handy to save/restore a character's inventory, since no other
command returns such a complete set of data, and could also be the only way to
correctly handle an NPC trader for carded and named items who could resell them
- since NPC objects cannot own items, so they have to store item data in
variables and recreate the items.

Notice that the variables this command generates are all local and numeric.

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