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Details for command getguildmaster:
* getguildmaster <guild id>;
This function return the name of the master of the guild which has the specified
ID number. If there is no such guild, "null" will be returned.

// Would return the guild master of guild 10007, whatever that might be.
// In this example it would return "MissDjax" cause she owns "AlcoROhics" (10007)
mes getguildmaster(10007)+" runs "+getguildname(10007);

Can be used to check if the character is the guildmaster of the specified guild.


> set @GID,getcharid(2);
> if(@GID==0) goto L_NoGuild;
> if(strcharinfo(0)==getguildmaster(@GID)) goto L_GuildMaster;
> mes "Sorry you don't own the guild you are in";
> close;
> L_NoGuild:
> mes "Sorry you are not in a guild";
> close;
> L_GuildMaster:
> mes "Welcome guild master of "+GetGuildName(@GID);
> close;
Maybe you want to make a room only guildmasters can enter ^_^

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