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Details for command equip:
* autoequip <item id>,<flag>;
* equip <item id>;
These commands are to equip a equipment on the attached character.
The equip function will equip the item ID given when the player has
this item in his/her inventory, while the autoequip function will
equip the given item ID when this is looted. The option parameter of
the autoequip is 1 or 0, 1 to turn it on, and 0 to turn it off.


//This will equip a 1104 (falchion) on the character if this is in the inventory.
equip 1104;

//The invoked character will now automatically equip a falchion when it's looted.
autoequip 1104,1;

//The invoked character will no longer automatically equip a falchion.
autoequip 1104,0;

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