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Details for command eaclass:
* eaclass <job number>;
This commands returns the "eA job-number" corresponding to the given class (if none is given, it returns uses
the invoking player's class as argument). The eA job-number is also a class number system, but it's one that
comes with constants which make it easy to convert among classes. The command will return -1 if you pass it a
job number which doesn't has a eA Job value equivalent.

set @eac, eaclass();
mes "You must be a swordman, knight, crusader, paladin, high swordman, lord knight, baby swordman,";
mes "baby knight or baby crusader.";
if (@eac&EAJL_UPPER)
mes "You are a rebirth job.";
mes "You must be a Swordman, Baby Swordman or High Swordman.";

For more information on the eA Job System, see the docs/ea_job_system.txt file.

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