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Details for command disablearena:
* cmdothernpc "NPCName","Command";
* disablearena;
* enablearena;
* inittimer;
* stoptimer;
This set of commands is marked as added by someone going under the nickname
'RoVeRT', as mentioned the source code comments, and has to do with timers and
scheduling working entirely unlike any other timing commands. It is not certain
that they actually even work properly anymore, and most of these read no
arguments, though the 'inittimer'/'stoptimer' pair of commands has to do
something with an 'OnTimer' label and will probably invoke it and 'cmdothernpc'
will execute starting with the label 'OnCommand'. Whatever they actually do, the
other commands can most likely do it better. The two arena commands definitely
do not do anything useful at all.

None of these commands are used in any scripts bundled with eAthena. Most
probably they are deprecated and left in by mistake.

Unless RoVeRT can be found and asked to clarify what these were made for, that

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