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Details for command delitem:
* delitem <item id>,<amount>;
* delitem "Item name",<amount>;
This command will take a specified amount of items from the invoking character.
As all the item commands, this one uses the ID of the item found inside
'db/item_db.txt'. The items are destroyed - there is no way an NPC can simply
own items and have an inventory of them, other as by destroying and recreating
them when needed.

delitem 502,10 // The person will lose 10 apples
delitem 617,1 // The person will lose 1 Old Violet Box

It is always a good idea to to check if the player actually has the item before
you take it from them, Otherwise, you could try to delete items which the
players don't actually have, which won't fail and won't give an error message,
but might open up ways to exploit your script.

Like 'getitem' this command will also accept an 'english name' field from the
database. If the name is not found, nothing will be deleted.

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