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Details for command cutin:
* cutin "filename",<position>;
This command will display a picture stored in the GRF file in the client for the

The files are taken from '\data\texture\A_A£AII’„AI«§\illust' directory in the
GRF file. Also it seems that card cutins from \cardbmp will work here as well.
Only bitmaps (images stored in the bitmap format) will actually get displayed.
The '.bmp' extension is optional.
The client has no problem rendering huge 4096x4096 bitmaps, but usually they're
around 500x500. Bright magenta (color FF00FF) is considered to be transparent in
these pictures. You can easily add and alter them, but how to do this is outside
of the scope of this document.

The position determines just where on screen the picture will appear:
0 - bottom left corner
1 - bottom middle
2 - bottom right corner
3 - middle of screen in a movable window with an empty title bar.
4 - middle of screen without the window header, but still movable.
255 - will remove the cutin previously displayed.

Giving an empty string for the filename and 255 for the position will remove all
cutin pictures. Any other position value will not cause a script error but will
cause the player's client to curl up and die. Only one cutin may be on screen at
any given time, any new cutins will replace it.

// This will display the picture of the 7th kafra,
// the one in orange and the mini-skirt :P
cutin "kafra_7",2;

// This will remove the displayed picture.
cutin "Kafra_7",255;

// This will remove all pictures displayed.
cutin "",255;

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