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Details for command areawarp:
* areawarp "from_mapname",<x1>,<y1>,<x2>,<y2>,"to_mapname",<x3>,<y3>;
This command is similar to 'warp', however, it will not refer to the invoking
character, but instead, all characters within a specified area, defined by the
x1/y1-x2/y2 square, will be warped. Nobody outside the area will be affected,
including the activating character, if they are outside the area.

areawarp "place",10,10,120,120,"place2",150,150;

Everyone that is in the area between X 10 Y 10 and X 120 Y 120, in a square
shape, on the map called "place", will be affected, and warped to "place2" X 150
Y 150

areawarp "place",10,10,120,120,"place2",0,0;

By using ,0,0; as the destination coordinates it will take all the characters in
the affected area to a random set of co-ordinates on "place2".

Like 'warp', areawarp will also explicitly warp characters randomly into the
current map if you give the 'to map name' as "Random".

See also 'warp'.

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