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This document is a reference manual for all the scripting commands and functions 
available in current eAthena SVN. It is not a simple tutorial. When people tell 
you to "Read The F***ing Manual", they mean this.

The information was mostly acquired through looking up how things actually work 
in the source code of the server, which was written by many people over time, 
and lots of them don't speak English and never left any notes - or are otherwise 
not available for comments. As such, anything written in here might not be 
correct, it is only correct to the best of our knowledge, which is limited.

This document is poorly structured and rather messy in general. In fact, further 
cleaning up and reordering this document is probably pointless, due to upcoming 
switch to Lua scripting language, which will rid us of most of the problems 
mentioned herein and make a new manual necessary. But while we have this one, we 
should make the most of it, and it might be helpful in making sure the new Lua 
engine can actually do everything useful that the old engine could.
Note: The change to lua isn't going to happen because we are switching to eApp.
      eApp has it's own scripting language and a converter to convert scripts
      from the current script language.

This is not a place to teach you basic programming. This document will not teach 
you basic programming by itself. It's more of a reference for those who have at 
least a vague idea of what they want to do and want to know what tools they have 
available to do it. We've tried to keep it as simple as feasible, but if you 
don't understand it, getting a clear book on programming in general will help 
better than yelling around the forum for help.

A little learning never caused anyone's head to explode.

Script_commands.txt Header:

//===== Athena Script =====================================
//= eAthena Script Commands
//===== By ================================================
//= Fredzilla
//===== Helped By =========================================
//= Terminal Vertex & Z3R0 - Helped define getmapxy
//= HappyDenn -  Gave everything to do with getpartymember 
//=              a great help
//= Maeki Rika - A section on general concepts and lots of
//=              other updates and additions.
//===== Version ===========================================
//= 2.13
//= 1.0 - First release, filled will as much info as I could
//=       remember or figure out, most likely there are errors,
//=       and things I have missed out
//= 1.1 - Added better discription for "getmapxy"
//= 1.2b- Added a description for getpartymember 
//=       (+few spelling mistakes corrected)
//= 2.0 - +79kb extra stuff and numerous corrections by 
//=       Maeki Rika.
//= 2.1 - Small but important corrections, more proofreading.
//=       Some important discoveries in item functions, the 
//=       secret of making VVS weapons with 'getitem2' and 
//=       other news. (Rika again) +10kb :) 
//= 2.2 - added getItemInfo description [Lupus]
//= 2.3 - added plenty of info for recent (and not so) script commands I added
//        [Skotlex]
//= 2.4 - Explained the upper parameter of jobchange. [Skotlex]
//= 2.5 - Added pow, sqrt and distance. [Lance]
//= 2.6 - Added setd and getd. [Lance]
//= 2.7 - petstat command. [Lance]
//= 2.7a - delitem2, countitems2 commands [Lupus]
//= 2.7b - clone command [Skotlex]
//= 2.7c - disguise / undisguise, query_sql commands [Lupus]
//= 2.8 - Deleted a copy of the nude command. Added axtoi command (needing a
//=       clearer explanation of atoi.Gave a better explanation of OnLabels
//=       and modified monster explanation due that L_Label isn't working with
//=       monster.
//= 2.9.20061230 - Updated getitem and guardian. [FlavioJS]
//= 2.10.20070101 - added sleep,sleep2,awake and updated the variables section.
//=       [FlavioJS]
//= 2.11.20070109 - removed the unused flag argument in guildskill, added an 
//=       optional argument to setcart,setfalcon,setriding and other cleanups 
//=       [FlavioJS]
//= 2.12.20070201 - Added npcshopitem, npcshopadditem, npcshopdelitem and
//=       npcshopattach [Skotlex]
//= 2.13.20070203 
//=		 - Explained Logical Bitwise Operators. 
//=		   Dj-Yhn contributed to AND (&)operator, rest by myself. [erKURITA]
//=		 - Added a resume of allowed variable and arrays scopes. [erKURITA]
//=		 - Re-organized the script commands, and grouped them depending
//=		   on what they do. [erKURITA]
//=		 - Added a packload of commands that were missing, 
//=		   and corrected the wrong ones [Dj-Yhn, erKURITA & Trancid]
//= 2.PHP.20070205
//= 	 - PHP-ified the script_commands.txt
//===== Compatible With ===================================
//= LOL, can be used by anyone hopefully
//===== Description =======================================
//= A reference manual for the eAthena scripting language

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